Culinary Programs for

Mind, Body and Soul

Transform your Kitchen into a Space for Wholeness

Working at the intersection of food (nutrition, cooking and eating) with psychology and spirituality.


Kitchen that Reconnects works on personal growth by providing supporting resources and inspiring guidance to nourish the self, cultivate a sense of connection and community, and develop a deeper appreciation for the Earth.

The focus is on teaching practices, insights, and skills to harness the kitchen as the place for wholeness, providing a fertile ground for introspection to thoughtfully consider the ways in which our kitchen experiences shape us individually and collectively.

I guide people to transform in their kitchens.

These are times to put the apron on,

Peel off the onion

Chop off the fears

Sieve our thoughts

Stir emotions, Marinate dreams

Sauteé our talents, Add our juiciness

Turn the fire on and,

Cook for a better Self

Cook for a better World

The ubiquity and everyday aspects of cooking should not blind us to its magic and transformation

Julia Bello


I’m Claudia Victoria

An advocate for home cooking with a nature-centered re-visioning of the kitchen to return it to its original intention -home’s heart and soul-, a place for nourishment, creativity, and transformation, the space where wholeness begins.

My culinary work is a holistic practice inspired by the principles of Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects and the Zen Master Edward Espe Brown’s teachings on cooking as a spiritual practice. 

Rooted in mindfulness and ancestral traditions, I weave together systems thinking, evidence-based holistic health practices, and a deep connection to the natural world.

What is it you would like to transform into the uncharted territory of your own kitchen?

Is it your physical health, your resilience in the face of challenges, or the connection with your higher self? or maybe… the way you communicate and interact with others, shifting into more authentic and genuine relationships? or perhaps…your response to the current uncertainty and complexity of the world?



Paths to
Wholeness to Explore

I design coaching sessions, educational courses, and comprehensive training programmes to foster self-awareness and wholeness in the participants and to mine in their wisdom for the benefit of others, their local community, and the environment as a whole.

Culinary Mindfulness for Midlife

Bespoke 1:1 Coaching that helps you navigate your midlife years with agency, authority, and resilience through culinary mindfulness.

Culinary Medicine Coaching

What is stopping you from cooking? A programme to overcome time, skill, or confidence barriers to embrace healthier cooking

Eating to Reconnect

What is food doing for you? Tap into your body’s unique guidance on diet and nutrition, become aware of your eating patterns, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, others and the Earth. One bite at a time.



Go deeper into the work of the Kitchen that Reconnects with the culinary retreats. Immerse yourself in mindful culinary practices, while working 1:1 with Claudia’s coaching methods.

Women say…

“I had the privilege of embarking on an extraordinary coaching journey with Claudia. From the very beginning, Claudia’s guidance was nothing short of exceptional. Her warmth and generosity created a safe and supportive space for self-exploration, and her unwavering presence made every session a truly transformative experience.

What sets Claudia apart is not just her knowledge but her profound wisdom and intuition. She has a remarkable ability to ask the right questions, leading me to access my inner wisdom and uncover insights that I never knew existed. Through our work together, I discovered the keys to carrying my leadership into the world with authenticity and purpose.

In Claudia’s coaching, my mind, heart, body, and soul all felt nourished. Her holistic approach to coaching left me feeling not only empowered but deeply connected to my own purpose”


“Claudia has taught us to be more curious and creative with foods for nutrition and wellness. Her fascination with food and flavours has led us to a more conscious and healthy way of life and thanks to her, we enjoy an explosion of flavours even in the simplest meals.”




I share my knowledge through various mediums: video, writing, and speaking.
Find what suits you best and take a glimpse of what is possible in the Kitchen that Reconnects.

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