Finding wisdom in your midlife

Combined Life Coaching and Culinary Therapy

Midlife is a time of entering into the heart of essential self-reflection.We ponder our personal growth and seek to understand what constitutes a purposeful and satisfying life.

At this point in life with ample expertise, we recognize our strengths and areas where we truly excel, making a significant difference. Simultaneously, our youth allows us to infuse our tasks with boundless enthusiasm. 

It’s said that our energy and experience intersect around our mid-forties, emphasizing the importance of seizing the moment. 

However, it’s not always an easy journey. These years shine the light on the parts of us that are missing something, be at a physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological level.

Sometimes it clouds life with uncertainties, instability and lack of confidence and purpose.

This a call to look beyond well-being. We are in the quest for WHOLENESS.

My invite is to concoct midlife as part of this quest. I’m here to share the kitchen with you!





Wholeness is the capacity to be in relationship with yourself, others, and all of life.

When you are WHOLE, you are Healed, Healthy, and Holy.

Understand which areas of your life are well-nourished and which might need more attention during times of change.

Culinary Mindfulness as a pathway to tune into your inner wisdom

Cooking and eating have served as holistic practices since the early stages of human evolution and is an incredible way to reconnect with the wisdom inside you. 

With a unique cooking-based coaching approach, we start by identifying the missing gaps in your life, uncovering all the goodness that is already in place, unfolding your motivation to change.

We assess 8-bodies in you (spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological, social, intellectual, creative, wordly) allowing you to feel alive, connected and joyful.

As your midlife sous-chef, I guide you to reconnect with the missing aspects of your wholeness through bespoke mindful coaching. 


Bespoke Mindful 1:1 Coaching

Bespoke coaching sessions are completely customized around your personal needs and provide a variety of positive transformations. 

Navigate your midlife years with agency, authority and resilience

Establish your own personal mindfulness meditation practice

Intuitively identify which diet works for you

Add to your toolkit, new psychological tools for mental and emotional health

Discover new ways to care for your soul

Unleash creativity to nourish your intellect and your relationships

Enhance self-acceptance and spiritual wholeness

a gentle step

a gentle step

1 taster session


Duration: 2 h 30 min.

This session is an initiatory and courageous step to deeply understand the level of midlife wholeness emergence you will acquire when acknowledging the power of this stage of your life.

During our session, we will discuss your motivation for change, explore one of the aspects of the desired change, and you will leave with insights, tools, and skills. We will also cook your intentions for the desired change during a separate cooking session, to learn how to integrate the stages of transformation into the kitchen.

Do you prefer to explore the specific aspects of your midlife in one session?
This session also serves as a catalyst once you have embarked on using your midlife as a path for wisdom and growth, but you need some guidance in specific areas.

Each session includes:

  • 90 minutes coaching* 
  • 60 minutes mindful cooking and eating* 
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Bespoke individual coaching plan
  • Emotional and psychological toolkit guide
  • Mindful eating recording for further practice
  • Mindful cooking practices guideline
  • Write up after each session
  • Nutritional and wholeness resources
  • Unlimited online support via WhatsApp or Telegram for 6 months (apply for the 8-week programme)
  • Simple, affordable and nourishing recipes with shopping list for the cooking sessions
  • End of the programme review and next steps

* These sessions can be scheduled together the same day or in different days, depending on your availability.

“I had the privilege of embarking on an extraordinary coaching journey with Claudia. From the very beginning, Claudia’s guidance was nothing short of exceptional. Her warmth and generosity created a safe and supportive space for self-exploration, and her unwavering presence made every session a truly transformative experience.

What sets Claudia apart is not just her knowledge but her profound wisdom and intuition. She has a remarkable ability to ask the right questions, leading me to access my inner wisdom and uncover insights that I never knew existed. Through our work together, I discovered the keys to carrying my leadership into the world with authenticity and purpose.

In Claudia’s coaching, my mind, heart, body, and soul all felt nourished. Her holistic approach to coaching left me feeling not only empowered but deeply connected to my own purpose”


“Claudia has taught us to be more curious and creative with foods for nutrition and wellness. Her fascination with food and flavours has led us to a more conscious and healthy way of life and thanks to her, we enjoy an explosion of flavours even in the simplest meals.” 





$800 (20 1:1 HOURS)

Transformation takes time, and requires patience and perseverance, taking small steps at a time to build a solid and grounded self. Each session has time for coaching and cooking separately.

The coaching sessions guide you through mindfulness into a state of awareness to deeply listen to yourself, define intentions, set up a map, and learn tools and skills in accordance with the body we are working on. For example: If we are working on the physical body, the skills and tools will be around your diet, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and rest and relaxation. If we are working on the emotional or psychological body, the skills and tools will aim to self-regulate the emotional state. Likewise, for the rest of the bodies. Lastly, we will review the resources needed to support your intentions.

The kitchen works as the place to integrate what we are working on in the coaching sessions. Through the acts of mixing, blending, grounding, roasting, plating, and more, we cook together plant-based meals and metaphorically cook your intentions. The practice will guide you to acknowledge the importance of your kitchen as the place where you nourish yourself in all your bodies.

Here is the kitchen

Here let us become the very nourishment we long for.

Gunilla Norris

What I’m bringing to in our coaching sessions?

  • Standing still in the darkness, scaredness, and pathless situations
  • Getting nourishment from the unknown
  • Cultivating the qualities to remain unflappable during uncertain and vulnerable times
  • Giving space to your voice and your truth and learn how to honor it
  • Tuning into your body to know how and what to eat during midlife
  • Growing into your own beauty, demystifying the standards of aging
  • Healing intentionally the wounds from the past that sometimes revive during menopause
  • Turning your life into a life of meaning, purpose, and service
  • Transcending your own limitations and blockages to reconnect with own power


From Restoring to Re-Storying Midlife

Midlife overlaps menopause in certain women. We can compare the menopausal transformation with the seasonal changes, where menopause brings winter and preparation for a second spring. It is a journey with different stages that each woman faces in a particular and unique way. 

We can see our menopause as a decline in our lives and then focus all our efforts to restore ourselves or we may opt to ”re-story” the negative narrative focusing on accessing the wisdom in our inner landscape and committing for the new season. 

I seek to return women’s midlife to the original intention: guiding the communities we belong to.

For generations women after menopause gained the entitlement to lead and guardian the ethics and help to raise the level of consciousness in societies. It is part of our nature.

Sadly, our lifestyles divert us from this mindset and role, taking us into a place of impediment, disconnection, and ill-being.

We’ve been taught to overcommit and excel to succeed. However, the current statistics of discomfort and withdrawal of women at work speak for themselves.

What can be done then?

The first step is to reframe menopause into what it really means: A Second Spring.

🌹 Konenki is the Japanese word for menopause, meaning Renewal of Life

Then, taking care of all the aspects of our lives: physical, emotional, psychological, social, creative, and spiritual bodies. Only when we are whole, we are ready to serve.

Where to start?

The first place to start to reclaim Wholeness is the kitchen. We empower ourselves when we are accountable for our basic human needs – eating is one of them.

…and, we don’t only get food for the physical body but nourishment at psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Culinary Mindfulness leads to review our state of Wholeness and use cooking and mindfulness along with coaching and psychotherapeutic tools to transform our lives.



How can coaching help me to cope with my midlife transition?

The first step is to shift the perspective of the midlife transition from a period of loss and struggle to a time of self-knowledge, power, and spiritual activation. Coaching provides the framework for this shift followed by a guided process identifying intentions, desired outcomes, tools, skills, and resources. By deeply understanding and aligning with the changes you are experiencing, you can embrace this time and get motivated to take action to soothe the physical or psychological imbalances. The programme will provide you with the information, knowledge and the steps by which you can integrate them in your life. It works from the inside out.

What do mindful cooking and eating online look like?

For these sessions, I will send in advance the ingredients, equipment and general guidance. The session will start with 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation followed by instructions on what we are cooking and together we will create a dish. At the beginning of the programme, I will send a questionnaire to consider your dietary requirements, food allergies, the type of food you like and whether you like cooking or not. The programme is open for all levels of experience and motivations in the kitchen. This programme is about bringing your heart and hands to work more and more in alignment with your intention. It is not about becoming master chefs, rather a master of our own life.

How often should I have sessions?

Meeting once a week is highly recommended during the menopause transition because it provides enough time to reflect on the new insights, integrate the practices, and detect what works and what doesn’t while maintaining the momentum of our work together.

I had my menopause 10 years ago, how can this programme help me?

The programme works as an initiatory step toward wholeness for women irrespective if you are in perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause. Whatever the time you are in, the programme creates awareness and provides empowerment for that period, unleashing all the possibilities, and fostering the development of a lifestyle and mindset that nourish you at different levels.

How do the sessions work?

These are online 2.5 hours-sessions that are split in two: 90 minutes of coaching to elicit powerful conversation from your desk or living room and 60-minute session from your kitchen (mindful cooking and eating sessions) to integrate what happened in the coaching session.

How long does the transformation take?

The time frame varies depending on the areas you want to work on, your commitment and readiness to change, and your current lifestyle among many other aspects. You may want to take a unique individual session for a very specific area, or you may want to embark on a transformative journey in which I encourage you to start with an 8-week programme.

What coaching methodologies do you use?

Just as each of us has different ways to learn, we have preferred and most effective ways to tap into ourselves and embark into transformation and change. I use a variety of coaching methodologies ranging from mindfulness, cognitive behavioral coaching, neuroscience application, embodiment, and holistic practices.

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