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As a coach, facilitator, educator, and writer, I blend the vibrant worlds of cooking, nutrition, mindful awareness, psychology, systems thinking, and spirituality into my work.

 I am especially drawn to exploring the connections between preparing a meal and the shared experience of breaking bread with others, all while celebrating the interconnectedness that enriches our lives in countless ways.

Lately, I’ve become an advocate of mindful homemade cooking as an imperative move to tackle some major global issues we’re dealing with nowadays: the climate crisis, unfairness in society, and ensuring everyone has enough food on their plates.

How can I put life at the centre of everything I do?

Each time I dive into a fresh project or begin a new coaching program, I find myself pondering the same question. After over 20 years in the corporate world, I’m now venturing into a more mature and aware phase of my life. This chapter is focused on discovering purpose and meaning through dedicating myself to a path that uplifts and enriches life.

A bit of my past lingers here.

I believe that kitchens serve not only as spaces for preparing meals but also as platforms for personal growth and transformation. My mission is to empower this journey by offering conscious-based programmes.

Why me

Why me

A few facts…


  • I grew up in Colombia steaming earthy tubers from the mountains, then journeyed to Europe for 15 years to slow-cooking stews with vegetables from open landscapes. More recently, I’ve immersed myself in stirring fry the ancient wisdom of South Asia. Each of these experiences has shaped my understanding of cooking, my relationship to food, people, and the bounty of this planet.
  • Over the last decade, I have given myself to the project of developing my gifts through introspection and training and finding ways to offer them. Now, through coaching sessions, engaging courses, and thoughtful facilitation, I create welcoming spaces for anyone interested in deeply connecting with themselves, fostering meaningful connections, and embracing their power within the comfort of their own homes, all while cooking up a storm!
  • My current research took me to Cambodia, where I currently live with my partner and our seven cats. Our claim to fame is growing for the first time long beans and keeping them alive until they reach our plates.

Those midlife days of less sunlight are your opportunities for more contemplative time with a cup of tea to reawaken your inner wisdom.

    I found the entire experience to be extremely beneficial for my personal growth. Claudia’s ability to truly understand and empathize with my feelings was outstanding and it made me feel seen and heard. Claudia’s potent questions led me back to my initial vision, providing a reflective lens through which I could introspect and re-evaluate my journey. Throughout an 8 week’s journey, we delved into my heightened awareness of my current emotional state and the possible tools and techniques I might use to foster resilience. 

    Thank you for guiding me through this journey. 

    ~Simone Paturel

    Cooking is Alchemy

    Cooking is alchemy by nature, it does transform raw ingredients into nourishment through the action of fire and our work in the kitchen; an act where we can involve our whole body and mind in the task, connecting with the senses and the world. 

    As Zen Master Edward Espe Brown says when we cook in this way, emotions and thoughts come up and instead of telling them to go away, we invite them to wash, stir, grind, touch, smell, taste. The kitchen then becomes the practice playground to turn joy, eagerness or distressing emotions into something edible and nourishing


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    The kitchen is the space where your wholeness begins. I meet you there!

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