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I offer a rich assortment of integrative and mindful-based guided workshops, which are courses and trainings designed to explore the different aspects of self, and to create a path towards wholeness through deepening your relationship to food, eating and cooking. The kitchen is a vehicle to experience greater self-awareness, mindfulness and true nourishment in all areas of your life. My goal is to inspire this self-exploration, inner-transformation and growth from the inside out.

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Group Workshop Offerings

Every workshop is designed to explore the therapeutic effects on the body and the mind of cooking and eating, giving the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation or learning tools and techniques to support overall wholeness.

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training

This is an empowering journey of 12 training sessions to transform your relationship with food, the way you eat and to discover the opportunities for deeper nourishment when engaging all your senses and enjoining the choices you make.

MB-EAT merges mindful eating with mindfulness meditation practices, experiential exercises and self-reflection to cultivate awareness and manage emotional states as they support the practice of mindful living.

Format: Video sessions via Zoom
Duration: 12 Weeks (1 session per week)
Session Length: 2 Hours
Maximum Group Size: 20 people

Develop a solid personal foundation to promote balance, wisdom and life fulfillment
Use the personal insights gained through meditation to unlock your path to wholeness
Establish your own personal mindful eating practice
Learn to pay attention to what the body really needs and why
Become fully aware of your health and wellness choices
Recognise that each eating experience is unique
Make out of the eating time a satisfying and enjoyable moment, while nourishing the body
Master the practice of just enough, cultivating moderation in your food and in your life
Embrace a non-judgmental practice
Cultivate self-compassion, self-acceptance and gratitude for your body and your life

The Training Covers:
Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation (foundation and 3 practices)
Mindful eating meditations (foundation and 9 practices)
Mindful eating inner wisdom (quality over quantity, satiety, fullness and hunger awareness, emotional / stress-related eating, taste satisfaction)
Mindful eating outer wisdom – mindful nutrition (fundamentals of nutrition, types of diets, eating disorders evidence-based knowledge)
Supporting practices (walking meditation, loving kindness meditation, wisdom meditation, mindful movement, self-acceptance meditation, mindful living, home cooking)
Mindful eating techniques (Body scan, savouring practice, craving practice)
Nourishing activities
Mindful movement 

12 Live 2-hour sessions online
Mindful eating exercises
Recorded mindfulness and mindful eating meditations
Workbook for each session
Mindful eating recordings for further practice
Mindfulness and wellness resources (websites, apps and reading materials)


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