S1. Mindful Physiology EP. 8 Immune System

Jul 6, 2023 | Mindfulness Series, Watch

Very often the IMMUNE system is defined as the DEFENCE system of the body, using metaphors that compare this system with the army of a country (immune cells) that defends the population against enemies (pathogens). Then the terms like killing bacterias, fighting illnesses and describing the immune cells as soldiers with an arsenal of weapons are very common in the medical practice and in the individual understanding about our immune system. From a re-visioning of this system, we realise that first, defining the immune system in terms of defence is not very accurate because the system does many more vital functions than just defence and second and this is very personal, it creates the sense that life itself is a battle and we should live in a state of defensiveness. In this video, I propose to see this system as our system of PROTECTION, which create a different perspective on how we connect with our bodies and how we live life. DEFENSE brings the quality of CLOSSING-oneself-OFF, in contrast PROTECTION brings the quality of OPENESS and SAFETY. 
Under this view, I invite you into an awareness practice to connect with your Immune System in the first part of the video, then to learn the physiology of the immune response in the face of infections, so we can handle inflammations and illness with a major understanding of what is happening in the body, after there is an invitation to explore the existence of a PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL IMMUNE SYSTEM and the relationship with our PHYSICAL IMMUNE SYSTEM. To close up, you will find at the end the powerful teachings from Don Miguel Ruiz in his book “The four agreements” and how his second agreement: “Do not take anything personally relates with our immune system.