Culinary Mindfulness for Wholeness

SEASON 1. Mindful Physiology. EPISODE 8. IMMUNE SYSTEM

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Holistic crafted programmes to take a step towards a mindful living to nourish all the parts of yourself.  An invitation to deal intensively with the questions: “What am I really hungry for?”, ”What do I need to nourish in my life?” and “what do I want to cook in my life?”


Bespoke events to deep dive into the essence of mindful cooking and eating as a path to inspire the self-exploration, the inner-transformation and growth into a way of living that is crafted by each individual to meet its needs.


A roadmap for a happier and healthy workforce. Professional workshops, talks or programmes to build in-demand skills for stress management, resilience building and work-life balance in the workplace.

How can cooking help?

From selecting the ingredients, to chopping and mixing them, stirring and cooking them and mindfully eating them; we awaken our senses and connect with our real needs allowing us to create intentional habits and to make informed decisions for our wellness. Cooking is the therapeutic medium to transform simple ingredients into food for our bodies, while at the same time we transform ourselves, exploring our inner landscape for a conscious embodied relationship with our wholeness. Manifesting the kitchen as a place of transformation and life fulfillment in our own homes is readily attainable, free and enjoyable! We just need to remember how and that is what I do.

Why Claudia Victoria?

My work focuses on Mindfulness Meditation, Mindful Cooking, and Mindful Eating practices that offer a new way of looking Wholeness. My interventions are an invitation to look at wellness through the lens of a humanistic perspective where each person takes accountability for their overall health with effort and discipline and learns to make friends with their own hardships and challenges. This work is based on the ancient practice of mindfulness meditation along with the psychological and nutritional research and evidence-based mindfulness programs for wellbeing developed in the last 30 years.

Care to dive in?

Culinary Mindfulness is an integrative, person-centred, mindful-based and embodied journey of self-awareness as a means to appreciate the well-being that is already inside of us and realize that it is possible to support the person’s innate well-being with the right actions. With the kitchen as a playground, we embark into a progressive path to wholeness through the threefold way of self-awareness, practice and nourishment.

1. Self-awareness

Understanding what works and doesn’t for our bodies, how our mind responds to situations or how we manage our emotions is the foundation for sustained wellbeing. It is a dynamic process, as we continually evolve, change and adapt our lives making this process a lifelong journey. The tools and guidance provided will support in the different stages of this journey.

2. Practice

The cultivation of realistic, enjoyable and accessible practices that are aligned with the “who I am” that we encounter over the time, builds up discipline and resilience, skills that are primordial in challenging times. Wellbeing is all about learning how to navigate through transitions and changes to keep returning back to balance. I guide people into practices that are tailored for the individual or collective needs, supporting on maintaining the focus and the motivation needed to create sustained practices in the long-term.

3. Nourishment

Having returned to the basic live skills of learning on how our body and mind talks to us and understanding how choice and consequence affects our physiology and psychology, we are fully equipped to nourish ourselves at different levels. True nourishment goes far beyond the food we intake and instead covers the physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, creative, social and spiritual parts of us. The programs and courses take you into an inquiry process to identify the areas that require attention and provide with the knowledge and tools to properly bring life back to balance.

About Claudia

I’m passionate about guiding people who wants to be empowered with the right knowledge, and sound evidence-based techniques to take control of their wellbeing. My vision is to return the kitchen to its original intention as a gathering spot to connect and nourish the body and the mind; and to cultivate the self. My mission is to create different paths for people to experience peace, solidity and freedom in their own unflappable kitchens.

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“Claudia has taught us to be more curious and creative with foods for nutrition and wellness. Her fascination with food and flavours has led us to a more conscious and healthy way of life and thanks to her, we enjoy an explosion of flavours even in the simplest meals.”

Devi Grewal
Temple Trading, United Kingdom

“Claudia is a unique and skillful communicator and allow us to experience the workshops on a sensory level as well as a practical one. She incorporates physical movement, mindfulness and meditative techniques to the sessions. If you attend an event with Claudia you will not forget it!”

Shazia Syed
OrganicLea, United Kingdom

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