Shift your Perspectives

Oct 16, 2023 | Mindful Kitchen Practices, Watch

When we incorporate little bits of goodness on a daily basis, we work with the gentleness and cleverness of nature. So, eat your food as medicine in every meal and you don’t have to eat medicine as food in the future.

This recipe, which I learned from a Cambodian friend, challenged the maths I learned at school. When we cook with our senses and heart, the order of the factors DOES alter the product. And this is magical as every meal is unique. No one else ever in this life will cook something exactly as you prepare in a particular moment of time.

Let’s make this garlic-pepper paste with the intention of having our daily dose of medicine and at the same time challenging the routines we have in our lives to bring a different order so we are open to new realities and to change our perspective.

Remember, before starting the practice, ground yourself with two or three deep breaths. Then, start altering the factors in your life.